• Welcome to Letterstone Park and the Phonics Munch Pre-Reading Program. In here, it's fun to learn the basics of phonics and learning how to read. Is your child ready to meet Chomper the Bear and start on an adventure? Let's go!

Phonics Munch is a pre-reading program that includes app exercises, worksheets, music, and videos that will help your child to master foundational skills in reading. The main component is the Phonics Munch app. Watch this video to get an idea of what it's all about.

Bite Size Learning

Our reading program breaks down the very first stage of the reading process into “bite size pieces”, allowing players to master phonics one step at a time and build confidence as they progress.

A Variety of Tools

Learning is reinforced using a variety of tools. The games in this app, accompanying flashcards, worksheets, and music videos, are all tools to help your child learn phonics in a variety of engaging ways.

Common Core Aligned

Our app exercises and accompanying worksheets are aligned with the Common Core Standards (a list of US standards for kindergarten through 12th grade – see CoreStandards.org to learn more).

Download Now!

You're one step away from embarking on a new learning journey for your child. Give Phonics Munch a try. Download it to your iOS or Android device today!